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Heat Pump Driers

Drying by Dehydration

  • Our Heat Pump dryer takes energy from ambient air and dries material at low temperature
  • Products are dried at Low temperatures
  • Taste and appearance will not change
  • Nutrients in the product will not effect during drying
  • Removing inherent water content hence bacteria, Algae, germs will not grow
  • Dryer Capacity: 50 kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr. Bigger capacity also available on request

All in one Driers

Advantages of our Dryer

  • Dryer can work 24 x 7 in any climatic conditions
  • High Drying Quality – Only moisture is removed. Being Low temperature heating, Aroma is not going out. Hence, you can dry more than two material at one time
  • Clean & Hygienic – Completely closed chamber so no dust particles
  • Because of Uniform heating, No need to flip the product hence less labour cost
  • Exact control of Temperature and Humidity
  • Quick installation and Easy Maintenance
  • Touch Screen panel so easy to change set points based on product
  • Minimum installation space

Multi function Dryers

Dehydration Energy Dryer

Traditional Drying Method

Vegitable & Fruit


Inside Arrangment

Thailand Office

311/2, Nara Suites Building,
4th Floor, Room No. 401,
Naradhiwas Soi 24-Sathupradit Soi 19,
Chongnonsi, Yannawa,
Bangkok, 10120, Thailand
(Registered on Viber/Line/Whatsapp/Kakao Talk/Wechat/BOTIM)

Myanmar office

Room no. 708, 7th floor,
Building b, Thiri condo,
Corner of Pyay Road & Taw win Road,
4th Quarter,Mayangone township,
Yangon-11061, Myanmar
(Registered only on Whatsapp/Viber)

India office:

G4, Balaji Avenue,
Judges Bunlgow Road,
State- Gujarat,
(Registered only on Whatapp)